Morning Star Daylilies
Mary Burgents
105 Oechsle Rd.
Woodstown, NJ 08098

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The Story of Pleasant View
Morning Star Daylilies opened in 2009 soon after my husband and I purchased a lovely propery in Woodstown New Jersey.  We have 18 acres.  15 are forest.  Before this we owned a home in Vineland that had once been Pleasant View Nursery.  This is where I started growing daylilies and started my first seedlings  The only thing that we brought with us from the old property beside some nursery hoops and our plants is the bell.  My goal in hybridizing is to develop hardy plants.  I like rebloom good bud count and branching and like them to be tall and bold.  These early registrations that had these characteristics I gave the Pleasant View name - combining that name with phrases from Fiddler On the Roof.  The last Pleasant View was registered in 2018.  Pleasant View Sunset won second place in the Dan Tau seedling contest in 2014.
Pleasant View Sunrise Pleasant View Happiness and Tears Pleasant View Sunset
Pleasant View Sunrise, 2013
Pleasant View Sunset  2015
Pleasant View 
Happiness and Tears
Pleasant View Tradition
Pleasant View Tradition  2015
Pleasant View Little Bird
Pleasant View Little Bird  2017
pleasant view fiddler
Pleasant View Fiddler  2018