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We are a "mom and pop" business. I might run the day to day operations, but my husband, with over 3 decades of nursery experience supplies the knowledge, technical experience and brawn. We started with a lot of container plants. Mostly landscape daylilies and classics. Being a neighbor of Dr. Apps we also had a collection of great
Retiring from teaching allowed me to turn my passion for daylilies into a business.
I started hybridizing in 2006. I have registered fourteen daylilies from 2007 to now
I'm a member of the American Daylily Society, The Garden State Daylily Growers and the Delaware Valley Daylily Society. I invite you to visit me on Facebook. I try to regularly post photos on my Morning Star Daylilies page.
I take the goals of the American Daylily Society very seriously. I enjoy spending a lot of time with customers - talking daylilies to the avid collectors and giving out lots of information to the beginner. I welcome questions via email and messaging on Facebook.
Two types of people purchase daylilies. The home gardener and the avid almost fanatic collector. If you are an avid collector this is not going to be any new information, but if you are just starting to get into daylilies I suggest going directly to the best source. That is the American Daylily Society website. You can read a wealth of information without any membership, but a membership offers even more. You can belong also to local clubs. Just look up your region on the website and there are lists. On the homepage index you will see Frequently Asked Questions. I often refer people to this for detailed information about daylilies. Read it and you will find out why daylilies are the perfect perennial.
All my description of daylilies come from the ADS data base. Here you will find descriptions of over 90,000 registered daylilies. These descriptions give a lot of information other than color and form that you will want to consider before purchasing a daylily. The daylily characteristics are unique to the particular daylily cultivar. Daylilies come in about every color and form. A picture is worth a thousand words. But some things do not show on pictures.
Bloom size is by inches across the bloom without stretching out the petals. Height is the flower scape or stalk not the foliage height. Season is when the daylily is in full bloom. Middle season is the month in your region when most lilies are in bloom. Here in region 7 that is early July. Early would be before that. Late after. Foliage habit refers to the foliage during the winter. Dormant die down totally with little buds forming in the spring. Evergreens can keep green and/or die down but start growing again at any warm period in the winter. There is a lot of debate about the true definition of semi-evergreens. Here they look the same as evergreens in the winter. If you want the technical definition email me or check out AHS. I would say the same for flower form - self, spider, double or UFO. Re or rebloom means the daylily will bloom again after it's usual season. A few are almost continuous, others put out a few more scapes and blooms after a rest or sometimes immediately. How this happens is unique to the cultivar. I will explain fans in the next section.
Also unique to a cultivar is the number of branches coming off a scape and the number of buds. That information is often in the data base. Whether a daylily is a tetraploid or diploid has to do with number of chromosome pairs. This is important for the hybridizer. Parentage is also often in the data base and is usually provided with new registrations. Cost of daylilies varies. I feel mine are reasonably priced especially the older cultivars. The newer cultivars are much more expensive. I sell some over stocked daylilies at very low prices because I need the room.
I keep my daylilies at a reasonable price. I have control over that. Unfortunately it is not as easy with shipping. Inserted is my chart based on price. I have limitations because of my website and this is the best I can come up with. The lowest price is less than the cost of a middle size flat rate priority mail box. If you feel you are paying too much for shipping or have a question about shipping contact me. But please remember the amount of time it takes to dig, divide, wash and package. I am generous and put in extra fans and bonus plants especially when the shipping costs can be reduced 
Daylilies are sold by fans.  Most websites sell a double fan or 2 mature single fans.  This year I am selling all my daylilies in small clumps of 4 or more attached fans. The pictures show single double, and triple fans.  These pictures were taken when I dug some daylilies in March. Usually when I ship there is more foliage and it is cut back.
I start shipping as soon as the fans and roots are large enough. That is usually mid April.  I ship the day after I dig. Priority mail takes two to three days.
The fans will be fresh and rarely except in the hottest days of summer need any hydration before planting.
NOTE: if you have any problems with the web site shopping cart just e mail me your list and I will send you a paypal invoice
Single Fan
Triple Fan
Double Fan
I chose this website provider because it is affordable. It has a shopping cart that goes directly to PayPal. It maintains inventory and is user friendly. I can keep costs down. Other websites might have more capabilities for display but as a buyer you would need to make a list and we would go back and forth with email or phone conversations. Personally I would rather be outside working.
The down side is tax and method to calculate shipping. Because it is a German company I need to follow their format, and they require tax. I consider tax when I calculate cost both in merchandise and shipping and New Jersey gets every cent I collect. The company has excellent tech support also. A real plus for me.  
In short it works for me.
Please adhere to the inventory number or contact me if you want more.  The website unfortunately records numbers but still allows someone to order and pay for more.  I hate to disappoint someone or have to send back money because I do not have what they want.
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