Morning Star Daylilies
Mary Burgents
105 Oechsle Rd.
Woodstown, NJ 08098

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My shopping cart will return 
I am having to completely redo it
Please use the information on the Gallery pages as soon as they are finished and email me if you would like to make an order
I have added a complete price list of all my daylilies that I am currently selling.  
I will keep it on my site for quick reference for those that prefer to order by email, or calling me.
It will be named on line Shopping 
The ordering page will be renamed Shopping Cart.
This is the price list for only the daylilies I dig and mail.  They will be double fans unless I specify small clump which will be a minimum of 4 fans

price list 2019 2 price list 2019 1
------------------------------------not available-------------------
_____________not available________________
------------------------------not available---------------------