Morning Star DayliliesMary Burgents105 Oechsle Rd.Woodstown, NJ 08098 856-692-1776856-558-0973
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Entrance from road June 2014
Big clumps and first five rows are now the display garden
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First Summer Empty field and about 2,000 pots
Fall 2009
In 2009 we moved to a new home - bringing a large inventory of classic landscape daylilies, a small collection of newer cultivars and seedlings.

The first 8 rows were planted in 2010 and now there are 31,along with a seedling bed.

The 65 cultivars have increased to over 500

In 2015 for the first time there will be display rows for visitors to view.

Morning Star Daylilies is in a very rural setting. Nestled in 18 acres of forest, but we are easy to find with a GPS

Known as the Daylily farm
Bedding down for winter November 2014.
Over flow is replaced by a double wide row
Other rows can be extended for future growth
June 2012
picture taken from a backhoe bucket

27 rows back then and an overflow area of pots
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First Open Garden Day July 2014
Photo by Jane Guillard of Falcon Turn Daylilies
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