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ABOUT THE HYBRIDIZER Jacqueline DeJesse has been a backyard hybridzer in her spare time for the last 11 years. In her real life, she is an optometrist, and as an eye doctor, examines eyes and treat minor eye conditions. Her addiction to daylilies started over 15 years ago when a patient asked her if she grows daylilies. She always was a gardener and accepted the invitation to a club function where she purchased about 15 daylilies. When they bloomed the following year, the love affair had begun. Today, she is vice-president and communications chair of the Delaware Valley Daylily Society and a garden judge. Her collection of daylilies has grown to over 750, and her hybridizing program is now more focused on tall miniature unusual form daylilies. Her first introduction, 'Eye Popping Spectacle' won best seedling in the 2013 Regional meeting. She plans on keeping the eye theme when naming her daylilies, and has a few more, she is watching as potential new introductions.
Jacqueline DeJesse Introductions
Suddenly See More.jpgEye Popping Spectacle.jpg
Won first place in Dan Tou Regional 3 seedling competition 2013